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Annie's new album has leaked
Posted at 10:46 PM, 30 August 2008 -

Don't Stop has leaked in its entirety today. The album was scheduled for a release on October 6, but now it will most likely be out only in early 2009. Annie went to a studio in London a few weeks ago to record new songs and an intro, so it will probably have a slightly different tracklist from the planned one.

Don't Stop is Annie's second album. It includes collaborations with Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand (who plays guitar on "Loco" and "My Love Is Better") and Frederik from Datarock (vocals on "I Can't Let Go"). Girls Aloud's voices are no longer heard on "My Love Is Better" (instead, Annie has recorded the background vocals herself). Don't Stop features production work from Xenomania, Richard X and Timo Kaukolampi. Brian Higgins has worked on the entire album's direction, as executive producer.

The track list of the leaked version looks like this:

01. My Love Is Better
(produced by Xenomania)
02. I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me
(produced by Richard X)
03. Sweet
(produced by Xenomania)
04. Loco
(produced by Xenomania)
05. Bad Times
(produced by Xenomania)
06. I Can't Let Go
(produced by Timo Kaukolampi)
07. Marie Cherie
(produced by Timo Kaukolampi)
08. When The Night
(produced by Xenomania)
09. Heaven and Hell
(produced by Xenomania)
10. What Do You Want (The Breakfast Song)
(produced by Timo Kaukolampi)
11. Take You Home
(produced by Timo Kaukolampi)
12. Songs Remind Me Of You
(produced by Richard X)
13. Danny, Danny (bonus track)
(produced by Xenomania)

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