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Xenomania: what's coming (part 2)
Posted at 8:43 PM, 31 July 2008 -

This is the second and final part of a quick recap of Xenomania's upcoming releases, projects and collaborations. On part 2: four female singer/songwriters (Gabriella Cilmi, Brooke Rose, Annie and Alesha) and two new as yet unnamed bands (a girl band and a band with boys). Part 1 is here.


Gabriella Cilmi, whose first single "Sweet About Me" is still in the top 10 UK singles chart, will release her second single "Save The Lies (Good To Me)" on 18th August (available for pre-order here). Brian Higgins recently said that she's signed a five-album deal with Island Records and that he expects every one to be a "smash hit".

-- BROOKE X --

Brooke X (a.k.a. Brooke Gengras) is an American singer. She's been a member of bands such as the soul-influenced Rider and Lez Zeppelin (yes, an all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band -- she has even been named "Roberta Plant"). Brooke has recently been in England working with Xenomania on her debut solo album.
Here's a few things that have been written about her:

x «(...) one thing that makes Rider different (...) is Gengras’ voice, which shows a mixture of influences from 70’s soul to modern alt-rock groups such as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.»

x «She was a channeler of Robert Plant. She had the moves, the bravado, and the low-riding pants. All of us, the sloppy drunk forty-somethings with their lighters, the queer boys with their lipstick, and me would have gone home with her in a second.»

x «(...) hands-down choice as the answer to "What if Janis Joplin and Robert Plant had a baby?".»

x Brooke X on MySpace
x Rider on MySpace (Brooke's old band)
x Live footage of Lez Zeppelin (with Brooke)
x Rider - "The March" video

-- ANNIE --

Annie's next single will be the Xenomania-produced "My Love Is Better", which will be released on September 22nd. The album Don't Stop should be out on October 6th.

-- ALESHA --

Alesha Dixon has been in the studio with Brian Higgins/Xenomania working on her new album. It should be released this November, along with the lead single "The Boy Does Nothing". Alesha says that it will be a "very colourful, mainstream pop record".


Jess, Janee Bennett and Jessica Martin are part of a new British unnamed girlband (previously called The Differents). Back in March Jessica revealed that they were recording an album with Xenomania: "it's going really well, (...) currently we are recording an album and working with a fantastic team". Their first single should be out soon.

Here's a picture of the band in Kent, sitting on Winston Churchill's statue:

Meanwhile, Janee has contributed with vocals for Roll Deep's new single "Do Me Wrong".

x Janee on MySpace
x Roll Deep feat. Janee - Do Me Wrong

-- UNNAMED BAND # 2 --

Jason Resch and Kieran Jones are two Australian musicians who have been at Xenomania writing for different artists and working on their own material.

They used to play in a band together when they caught the eye of Brian Higgins. Kieran, 18, and Jason, 19, have since traveled to England to work with Xenomania. They have been writing for some of Xenomania's upcoming releases/projects (Brooke Rose, Alex Vargas, Girls Aloud, among others). Jason and Kieran have also played guitar and bass (respectively) on Gabriella Cilmi's "Einstein" and the single "Sweet About Me".

Here's a picture of the two with Gabriella:

x Jason Resch playing keyboards on "Sweet About Me"

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