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Xenomania in 2012: what's coming
Posted at 8:32 PM, 11 December 2011 - 10 Comments


In early November 2011, Gossip tweeted about being at Xenomania, so it is expected that their new album will include some sort of collaboration with the team.

JBAG (Jerry Bouthier & Andrea Gorgerino, from Kitsuné/Ponystep) are also working with Xenomania on new songs for Gossip's new album.

Gossip are an American dance-rock/blues-punk trio led by Beth Ditto. Their latest release as a group was the album Music For Men, back in 2009. Beth Ditto released her debut solo EP this year, produced by the electro-house production team Simian Mobile Disco.


This English pop noir trio has been in the studio with Xenomania working on their debut album, which is expected to be released in 2012.

The Good Natured consists of 20-year-old Sarah McIntosh (vocals and keyboards), her brother Hamish McIntosh (bass) and George Hinton (drums).

They have an electro-pop sound with a dark/gothic twist and have already released three EPs: Warriors (2008), Your Body Is a Machine (2009) and Skeleton (2011).

You can listen to some of their songs on YouTube.


According to her Facebook, Annie has been spending quite a lot of time at the Xenomania studios.

She might be writing for other artists (let's not forget she co-wrote Mini Viva's "Left My Heart in Tokyo"), but she's probably also working on her new album, the follow-up to Don't Stop.

She has also had sessions with Timo Kaukolampi, German techno producers ND Baumecker and Sam Barker and Norwegian DJ and producer Skatebård.

Annie has been working on music for a film called The Night Within, in which she is also set to act and sing. That is also the title of her new EP, set to be released in early 2012.


2011 was a big year for Florrie.

Not only did she release her second EP Experiments (which received rave reviews), but she also spent the year travelling around the world doing live shows, writing and modelling.

She is still working on her new EP, which will probably be out next year, but meanwhile there will be a little surprise released before Christmas.


During the past few months Alex Gardner has been updating his fans via Twitter/Facebook saying that he's working at Xenomania, possibly on his debut album.

Besides Xenomania, Alex has also been recording with people such as James Fauntleroy (who co-wrote "No Air" by Jordin Sparks, Ciara's "Love Sex Magic" and "Shades" by Diddy-Dirty Money) and the 1500 or Nothin' collective.

He released two singles in 2010 - "I'm Not Mad" and "Feeling Fine" - and a Italy-only Xenomania-produced self-titled EP.

Tres B has worked with Xenomania on a new release set for 2012.

Together they have created what has been described as a "soulful floor filler", inspired by his childhood idols including Congolese legends Papa Wemba. Drawing influence from his Congolese heritage, Tres B's music mixes central African folk, hip-hop and soul.

Tres B's new single, "Lonely Man", a song about being young and lonely in London after leaving the Congo due to threat of political violence, will be released in February 2012.

He was signed to Roundhouse Records in June 2010 and has since supported The Black Keys and been nominated for Best Male UK based Afro/Caribbean Act of 2010 at the BEFFTA Awards. His debut EP Best Friend was released in February last year.

SARAH HARDING (or Girls Aloud?!)

It is known that Sarah Harding has been spending time at the Xenomania studios, we just don't know what for. Feeding the ducks? Working on solo tracks? Working on *gasp* new Girls Aloud songs?

In 2009 she recorded three Xenomania-produced songs for the St. Trinian's 2 film soundtrack. Last year, Sarah apparently said that she was working on a solo album, but nothing's been heard ever since.

And Girls Aloud will definitely do "something" in 2012, to mark their 10th anniversary since "Sound of the Underground" was released. It will probably be a tour, but it could also be a new single/album, hopefully with Xenomania.

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Pre-order Nicola's solo version of "Memory of You"
Posted at 4:50 PM, - 1 Comments

Nicola Roberts' third single, "Yo-Yo", will feature a solo version of  Girls Aloud's "Memory of You" as a b-side. It will be available on the iTunes bundle, which also includes five different remixes and edits of "Yo-Yo". Pre-order it now, before it gets released on January 8th: http://bit.ly/w14pnO

"Memory of You" only featured vocals from Nicola and (mainly) Kimberley Walsh and is regarded as a cult favourite among Girls Aloud's enthusiasts. It was originally released on 7'' vinyl as the b-side to "The Loving Kind". It later appeared on the Girls Aloud boxset in CD format.

Listen to a 1'30'' sample of Nicola's version:


Girls Aloud - Tangled Up (instrumentals)
Posted at 2:23 PM, - 7 Comments

1. Call The Shots (Cooper/Higgins/Powell/Cowling/Sommerville)

2. Close To Love (Cooper/Higgins/Powell/Cowling/Coler/Lei)

3. Sexy! No No No... (Girls Aloud/Xenomania/Nazareth)

4. Girl Overboard (Cooper/Higgins/Powell/Coler/Lei)

5. Can't Speak French (Cooper/Higgins//Powell/Coler/Lei/Williams)

6. Black Jacks (Cooper/Higgins/Powell/Coler/Cowling)

7. Control of the Knife (Cooper/Higgins/Sommerville/Shave)

8. Fling (Cooper/Higgins/Powell/Coler/Williams/Moguai)

9. What You Crying For (Cooper/Higgins/Cowling/Larcombe/Boyle)
(not available)

10. I'm Falling (Cooper/Higgins/Powell/Maru'e/Scarlett)
(not available)

11. Damn (Cooper/Higgins/Powell/Coler/Cowling)

12. Crocodile Tears (Girls Aloud/Cooper/Higgins/Powell/Coler/Sommerville/Larcombe)

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Listen - Rebecca Ferguson - Mr. Bright Eyes (2011)
Posted at 4:48 PM, 05 December 2011 - 4 Comments

Available on: Heaven (2011) (album)
Produced by: Xenomania
Written by: Rebecca Ferguson, Brian Higgins, Luke Fitton, Matt Gray, Toby Scott and Owen Parker.

Listen - The Wanted - I'll Be Your Strength (2011)
Posted at 4:46 PM, - 1 Comments

Available on: Battleground (2011) (album)
Produced by: Xenomania
Written by: Brian Higgins, Miranda Cooper, MNEK, Matt Gray, Owen Parker, Toby Scott & The Wanted


Listen: The Saturdays - Get Ready, Get Set (2011)
Posted at 4:46 PM, - 0 Comments

Available on: On Your Radar (2011) (album)
Produced by: Xenomania
Written by: The Saturdays, Brian Higgins, Miranda Cooper, Nicolas Dresti (Space Cowboy), MNEK, Tim Deal, Matt Gray


Alex Gardner is back at Xenomania
Posted at 7:51 PM, 10 August 2011 - 3 Comments

Alex Gardner is back at Xenomania HQ to work on his debut album.

After recording exclusively with the team throughout 2009 and 2010, these past months he was busy going around the US working with new producers in various studios - New York, Atlanta, Miami and LA.

Alex Gardner was part of the roster of acts that were discovered and developed by Xenomania (which also included groups like Mini Viva and Vagabond). In 2010, he released two singles - "I'm Not Mad" and "Feeling Fine" - and a Italy-only self-titled EP, but his debut album is yet to be released.

Besides Xenomania, Alex has been recording with people such as James Fauntleroy (who co-wrote "No Air" by Jordin Sparks, Ciara's "Love Sex Magic" and "Shades" by Diddy-Dirty Money) and the 1500 or Nothin' collective.

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Video: The Saturdays - All Fired Up (2011)
Posted at 12:47 PM, - 2 Comments

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Listen: The Saturdays - All Fired Up (extended mix)
Posted at 3:22 PM, 06 August 2011 - 0 Comments

This is Xenomania's extended mix of the new Saturdays single. "All Fired Up" will be released on September 4th. Find out all about the available formats and tracklistings here.

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The Wanted are working with Xenomania
Posted at 12:28 AM, 04 August 2011 - 1 Comments

The Wanted have been spending time in the studio with Xenomania. The British-Irish boy band are currently working on their second album, after releasing their self-titled debut last year.

The Wanted have played a big part in resurrecting a previously dying genre — One Direction (whom Xenomania have also worked with) and JLS are other key groups from the new crop of boy bands. For their new album, The Wanted have also been working with Steve Mac and Ed Drewett.

You can watch a recent video of the boys at the Xenomania mansion, with brief appearances by Brian Higgins and Miranda Cooper:

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