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Mini Viva: «We've got a different sound to most girl bands.
We like to spice it up»

Posted at 11:12 AM, 19 April 2010 -

There's a great interview with Britt & Frankee on the latest Sunday Mail (Glasgow). A few highlights:

The girl band scene and Mini Viva

Mini: "We've got a different sound to most of other girl bands like The Saturdays. We like to spice it up a bit with our attitude and our different personalities. Me and Frankee are very different girls but still a team. Like the Spice Girls, you had your favourite, it's nice to have a role model in each of us with different aspects people like or see themselves in. It makes us stand out."

Viva: "It really is a good time, the girl band scene is not as big as it was. The Saturdays do the five-piece thing, then we slot right in. It's great for us. It's just us and them now."

"I Wish" flopping in the charts

Mini: "Tokyo put pressure on us. You do wonder how to follow it and keep the standards up. But to have a No.7 hit was such an incredible thing for a new act on the first single. People didn't know us. Our second one didn't do that well but we are still working hard to push the rest of the album out there and you just have to keep going really".
Mini: "With I Wish flopping, it was good to have Xenomania and our team there, we have great support to reassure us. They still 100 per cent believe in us and that gives us more of a boost."

Viva: "The first track did so well we were blown away. (...) Obviously the second was not quite so popular but it showed us we don't get it all on a plate. Every artist will have a little fall, it's not all ups. It made us stronger and made us realise it doesn't all come at once, you have to crawl before you walk. We are very confident about the next one though. We've had lots of good feedback. We've had to step the game up a bit."

The album

Mini: "The album is just about finished, we have one more track to write. It will be out around August so there will be another single then the album. It's an amazing feeling, pretty out there. I never thought this would happen to me so to have an album out is really, 'wow, is this mine?'. I can't wait for it to be on the shelves so my friends and family can go buy it and see what we have been working hard on for the last three years."

Going to Tokyo

Viva: "We want to go to Tokyo, the plan is to do it in a few months. People keep saying it will be huge for us. One of the big label bosses came over to meet us and said they want us out there because they love the song. "The fans are mad there so will be crazy once they hear the word Tokyo they will love us. I can't wait!"



Anonymous Gag Halfrunt said...

If Left My Heart in Tokyo is going to be released in Japan, the powers that be should commission some Japanese DJs to do remixes. I'd love to hear Yasutaka Nakata remix it. He has a stylish electro-pop sound and he just happens to be the producer of Perfume, who are more or less the top girlgroup in Japan at the moment.

April 21, 2010 at 11:54 AM  

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