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Alex Gardner is One to Watch in 2010
Posted at 5:49 PM, 02 January 2010 -

New Xenomania talent Alex Gardner is being hailed as one of "the next big things" in 2010 by the Times, Music Week, HMV, News of the World, the Daily Star and the Mirror. They praise his "collection of big, radio-friendly pop songs", "monster hits" and "timeless tunes for a lazy summer’s day".

His debut single, "I'm Not Mad", will be released in March. Listen to a 45 second clip of the song, in all its non-acoustic, bleepy glory:

Times Online - 2010: a look ahead at the year in pop
Assisted by the Girls Aloud hit factory Xenomania, Gardner is no less assured of two monster hits with his March debut single Yesterday’s News and Heartbreak.

HMV's 10 next big things of 2010
Scottish singer-songwriter Gardner has been described as a "male Duffy". The former model has been working with Xenomania producer Brian Higgins, who has successful collaborated with the likes of Girls Aloud to Franz Ferdinand. Gardner's debut album is due out in March.

Daily Star - Ones to watch in 2010
A GUITAR-playing, soul-pop male vocalist is probably not the obvious choice for pop factory Xenomania to team up with but the fusion works to create timeless tunes for a lazy summer’s day.

Music Week - 10 for 2010
The latest act to emerge from Xenomania masterminds Brian Higgins and Miranda Cooper, UK teenager Gardner has co-written a collection of big, radio-friendly pop songs that have been winning early support from radio programmers in the run-up to his debut album release next year.
Signed to Universal label A&M, home to Duffy and fellow hopefuls Chapel Club, Gardner will be subject to a campaign getting underway in March with the release of lead single I'm Not Mad. This will be followed in June by a second single and his as-yet-untitled debut album.
A&M managing director Simon Gavin says the initial response to his music has given his label confidence. "We always believed very strongly in Alex, his album was one of the most complete pop records I've heard in some time, but it's been comforting to hear that radio is on the same page. We've had a unanimous thumbs-up from that area, and at a programming level everyone feels like Alex is an artist that can really work across the board, in what is quite a fragmented radio market. We feel he has something that will fit in all areas."
The early campaign has included support dates with Paulo Nutini and The Script. Gardner was also part of the line-up of artists that performed at Xenofest, Xenomania's summer showcase.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"i couldnt hurt you
And im the one to talk to
Feeling like you never knew
Tell me that your his stooge
No, im not mad
I can help you
Tell me what you gotta do
Oh it's time you realised the truth"

March 26, 2010 at 5:01 PM  

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