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Girls Aloud: talented or "pretty songbirds"?
Posted at 11:12 AM, 25 April 2009 -

The Belfast Telegraph has published an article that questions whether Girls Aloud have "talent" or are merely "pretty songbirds for sale".

Journalist Jane Graham writes: «[Xenomania] have produced some brilliant pop songs over the last six years but sadly, the truth is that this has almost nothing to do with the girls themselves. (...) the connection between Girls Aloud's music and the hired hands who perform it is so tenuous it is almost irrelevant.»

She goes on to claim that «there is little evidence that Xenomania bother to consider the nature of the artist they are churning out music for at all, which may be why their work, while highly effective, is devoid of personality.»

Now let's recall what Brian Higgins told the Guardian in 2007: «The idea that [Girls Aloud] have spent five years showing up in our studio and just sung any songs we throw at them is ludicrous. It's great artists that make the producers great».

Not enough evidence? In 2004, Higgins said in an interview with the Telegraph that the success of the songs rides on Girls Aloud's personalities: «No matter how good a tune might be, if the girls couldn't take charge of it and get us excited, we'd chuck it out.»

Kimberley Walsh also said to The Independent: «It infuriates Brian when people say bad things about us not writing our own songs. He's like, "I couldn't have this kind of success without you and the whole team of people around us." The way we look, the way we are as people - all of that inspires Brian to write.»

As Miranda Cooper once said, Girls Aloud are Xenomania's muses. And let's not forget that they have also co-written some of their own songs ("It's Magic", "Sexy! No, No, No...", "Crocodile Tears", "Love Is The Key", "Miss You Bow Wow", etc.).

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Blogger daavid said...

Why are people so obsessed with "talent". Are the songs any good? Do I enjoy seeing Girls Aloud perform? What else matters really? ...anyway, just my opinion.

April 25, 2009 at 8:49 PM  

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